It’s August, not much snow in Michigan but i pack up all of my snowboarding gear and head to the airport to catch the next flight down south. Find my seat and get comfortable for the next 15 hours until I land in the most southern city in the world- Ushuaia, Argentina- in the Patagonia's where there is plenty of training snow.

Once arriving, I always give myself at least two days of rest before I start training or competing. I chill out for a couple days and walk into the city. I have no idea if the food is going to be good or bad, but being right on the ocean it ends up being the best place for super fresh seafood and the meats are awesome. I fell in love with the place!

A few days later the team goes up to the mountain ranges of Patagonia to check out our course that we’re going to be training and competing on for the next two weeks. First time on the course I always take it easy, but once I’m warmed up and feel confident I start dropping the hammer!

 upventur ambassador, Jake Vedder at Keystone A51 Terrain Park

About five runs into training I start feeling comfortable on the course and running heats with other members of the US Team. We only train about 8-10 runs a day then we go back to the hotel to work out and prepare for the next day. Video review is super important. My coach films all day and once we are done training and working out we analyze for a couple hours to correct any mistakes we may have had.

I always prepare the same way for training as I do any full-on race. I make sure all my gear is prepared before I go to bed and get as much rest as I can. Great breakfast in the morning, spin on the bike and a good stretch to get the day started. On our way to the mountain I’m pretty quiet, just listen to my own music and think about what I am about to accomplish today. Once on top of the course I do a few warm up laps, stretch out again and get ready for competition runs. Each one more speed and exhilaration- I am fully alive!

The next morning it’s a rush to get gear packed up and head back to the airport after an epic week. A new season has started and it’s on to the next country with big expectations. Dreaming of the Olympics 2018!